Gutters Offer Protection For Your Entire Home

The gutters can often be the unsung hero of your home's roofing system. Even though one inch of rain doesn't sound like a lot, it can mean nearly 2,000 gallons of water flowing off your roof. When gutters are leaking, old, or in poor condition, water that isn't directed away from your home can cause significant damage to the siding, the home's foundation, as well as surrounding landscaping. The contractors at Smart Roof can ensure that your home is protected with superior gutter installations. We offer the highest quality materials, friendly customer support, and affordable prices so that the entire process is smooth and efficient. Learn more about our gutter services near Warren, MI, and contact us today!

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Benefits of Newly Installed Gutters

  • Prevents Mold From Developing on the Eaves
  • Protects Other Features of the Roofing System, Including Soffits and Fascia
  • Prevents the Siding From Decaying
  • Prevents the Foundation From Long-Term Damage
  • Protects the Surrounding Landscaping From Erosion
  • Enhances the Home's Appearance

Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Installations

The Importance of New Gutters

Seamless vs. Regular Gutters

Should You Install Gutter Guards?

Gutter Installation Cost

Choose a Trusted Detroit Gutter Contractor For Your Home Improvement Project

Smart Roof has been serving the greater Detroit area for over 19 years, and we are committed to quality service and installations. We understand how important having professionally installed gutters on your home is, and we'll work until the job is done and the installation meets industry standards. Our products are backed by the industry's best warranties, and we offer financing so you never have to worry about breaking the bank for substandard gutter installation. No matter the size or complexity of your project, you can rely on Smart Roof for service that goes above and beyond. Contact our team today for a free quote.

Aluminum gutters, which are one of the most popular gutter materials, generally last the same amount of time as an asphalt roof, which is around 20 years. If your existing roof or gutters are nearing the end of their lifespan or if your gutters are damaged, you may need new gutters.

The gutters installed as a part of the roofing system work to direct rain water and melting snow away from the home. The gutters, in conjunction with downspouts, keep water away from the siding, the home's foundation, as well as surrounding landscaping. Without gutters, your home is much more susceptible to water damage, mold in the attic, rotting siding, foundation damage, and soil erosion. For being such a seemingly small part of your home, gutters serve an incredibly important function. And this is why it's so important to choose a gutter contractor who understands the importance of quality workmanship and attention to detail. You can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands with the Smart Roof team.

Seamless vs. Regular Gutters

For today's gutter installations, there are generally two types: seamless and regular. So what's the difference and which one should you choose?

  • Regular Gutters: These gutters are pre-cut and come in sections. When they are installed on your home, each section needs to be sealed together with the next piece in order to prevent leaks.
  • Seamless Gutters: This type of gutter is manufactured into one long piece and is not cut into sections. Without any seams, there doesn't need to be any sealing at the joints.

Determining which one is better for your Detroit home will depend on your home and budget. While seamless gutters are more expensive upfront, they will require less maintenance down the road. There is also a lower risk of clogs within the gutters, fewer leaks, and they are easy to install. However, with seamless gutters, if there is a leak in one section, the whole gutter system needs to be replaced rather than just the one section. Seamless gutters can be made with either aluminum or vinyl, both popular options for gutter materials.

When you schedule a consultation with the contractors at Smart Roof, we can go over which type and material may be best for your home and budget in more detail.

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Should You Install Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards come in a variety of styles, including mesh, bottle brush, and nylon, and are attached to the gutter and roof shingles. They work to prevent debris from falling into the gutter and causing clogs, ultimately leading to leaking water that can cause damage to your home.

There's a lot of back and forth about whether or not to install gutter guards or leaf guards. While they can prevent leaves, twigs, and various other debris from getting caught in the gutter, the guards themselves can often get backed up as well, depending on the type. There are some designs that are made to allow the debris to fall off rather than get stuck in the guard. However, even with this design, homeowners will still need to clean their gutters, just possibly not as often without a gutter guard.

If you have questions about whether or not to install gutter guards on your new gutters, don't hesitate to ask the roofing contractors at Smart Roof. We have years of experience installing gutters and can go over the benefits and disadvantages, as well as offer a professional and honest opinion as to what is best for your specific home.

Gutter Installation Cost

Calculating the cost of a gutter installation will depend on the size of your home, whether they are seamless or regular, the type of material, the pitch of your roof, and other features, such as downspouts. Generally, homeowners in the Detroit area can expect to spend between $600 and $1,500 for new gutters.

  • Vinyl gutters tend to cost between $3 and $5 per linear foot. These are an affordable option for many homeowners, but they don't hold up to extreme weather conditions as well as aluminum.
  • Aluminum gutters cost between $6 and $12. They are lightweight, making them easy to install; however, being lightweight can mean that they are more susceptible to damage over time.
  • Downspouts: Downspouts will cost between $5 and $8 per foot for either vinyl or aluminum. These are an essential component of the gutter system and need to be installed roughly every 35 feet to direct water further away from the home.
For a thorough estimate of the cost of gutter installation for your home, speak with a contractor at Smart Roof in the Detroit area. We will come out and inspect your home, discuss the details of the installation, and can calculate an exact estimate for your project.

Trust Smart Roof to Go Above and Beyond

The team at Smart Roof has been serving the greater Detroit area for nearly 20 years, and we are committed to providing exceptional gutter services and installations. We will work closely with you to select materials and options that fit the needs of your home as well as your budget. We realize that an investment into your home can be overwhelming, but we also understand the importance of having high-quality, functioning gutters in order to protect your home. With Smart Roof, you can be confident that you're getting a team who cares about your entire experience and giving you gutters that work.